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Vikram Swathi | Film by Mystic Studios

Any wedding that on-looks temples has the subtle charm of giving us the vibes of how a true South Indian wedding should look like. This wedding between Vikram & Swathi is one such charismatic experience.

The wedding brigade saw the effervescent smiles and humble exchanging of greetings amongst one another while the nervousness within the couple grew. While considering South Indian wedding traditions and customs, this wedding was a delight to capture.

The moment of truth – tying the knot, amidst playful cheerfulness and blessings bestowed, the chirpy number “Neeyum naanum serndhe sellum nearme” is an apt find to match the mood.

Post wedding, at the reception the groom looks all appealing is his smart suit and the bride, an alluring beaut in her silk saree! Indeed was a charismatic experience for us at Mystic Studios.