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Spectacular Wedding Videography Of Vignesh & Darshika

A wedding videography that saw the grandeur and the display of such luxury all under the sparkling sky where crackers and colourful fireworks welcomed the bride and the groom. Besides the bottle rockets and sparklers, the fantasizing royal entrance with beautiful women with their palms together, welcoming the brigade along with mighty elephants, the King of the dessert- Camels, men strumming the chenda melam and men dressed as lions and tigers with several Gods bestowing their blessings upon the to-be-weds, this chennai wedding was a splendor of majestic aspects put together. Teasing us as to when we will get to see the couple is another additive to this already splendid wedding ceremony.

While the luxury seeps of every frame, the happy couple tie their knot amidst flower petals and the blessings of every menage alike.