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Love & Love Only – A Wedding Story Of Uncoy Smiles

It is not very often that we find couples who are unconventionally fun-loving and play around at every instance they get. Harshada and Gowthaman are one such couple who never cease to put a smile on anybody who watch them while they fall head over heels in love with each other.

This wedding video shows how much they are fond of each other and are ready to begin a life full of positive aura carried forward. While the bride talks about her beloved, she is seen to mention, “He completes me”, the kind of love she has in him is seen to reflect in her eyes.

The groom, too while praising the love of his life says, “She is like the blue sattai that Jayam Ravi wants in Santhosh Subramaniyam movie. She is such a gem of a person and I’d bet that even my parents wouldn’t have found a better person for me than her.”

The aura that the couple carried were super infectious and we could see every ounce of the love for each other through our camera’s lenses. Watch the video till the end to see what we are talking about!