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Glimpse at our Malaysian Wedding Photography that is sure to take you by surprise

The power house financial and business hub known to welcome it’s guests with open arms, Malaysia saw one of Mystic Studio’s Tamil destination weddings and wow what a sight that was to be witnessing first-hand! This Tamil wedding’s photography is one of a kind and you will know why we stress on this so much.

Choosing off-beat colours for the bride and the groom on one hand and to master those looks like a pro on the other was something else. The bridesmaids were all in greens to compliment the happy couple and that sure did work in our favour. All happy faces, gleaming with joy, welcoming the new couple into their lives was a sight that we wouldn’t dare to miss!

The wedding venue was spick and span and gave us more ways to experiment with our pods. The flavour and essence of every picture was exceptional, made this destination wedding photo shoot a bewildering experience for us at Mystic Studios and you can very well see that for yourselves in the pictures to come!