Weddings are divine occasions that hold so many emotions, inter-twined amidst teary eyed ones. Vehement feelings, all gushing out together not knowing what to do, so many weddings have been a great benchmark in our lives. We would fall short of words to express how deeply these fervours impacted our insides. To make it unadulterated and to let you all know what it actually means to us, we sub-consciously put together, this ardour of a photo story session that makes all the divergence in our lives.

To stand behind our camera pods, putting on hold our own emotionally charged selves, looking at moments of truth and to bring them into vivid reality is what we have meticulously curated under this rubric, “Poetry”. Just a wee token of appreciation (that also includes so many sleepless nights of hard work and a keen eye for precisions included) we would like to give back to every client who chose Mystic Studios. Here’s to the most raw, un-staged ticks for ya’ll!

Disclaimer - Don’t forget to grab a tissue or a tissue box dispenser if need be, before you watch these!