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Phenomenal Wedding Videography Of Rajkumar & Shanthini

Rajkumar and Shanthini’s grand Coimbatore wedding and reception has been a pure dose of bliss to capture. The wedding reception took place while the God’s poured their rainy clouds down and bestowed blessings upon the lovely couple. The wedding film videography captures happy smiles and cheerful moments all under one roof. Adhi, fondly known as Hiphop Thamizha was also a special guest at the reception.
The traditional Kongu Muhurtham was a pot pourri of emotions. There were so many tears of joy while attending to these nuptials and we were at a loss of words at how calm and composed the couple were despite such emotional roller coaster rides.
The bride’s brother on the other hand was found sunk in tears while battling his thoughts of sending his sister away with the love of her life. If instances like these don’t tell us enough about our South Indian weddings and relationships, we don’t know what will.