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A Brother and Sisters Love| Poetry by Mystic Studios

“If you have a brother, you will always have a best friend.” To the unsung heroes of every daughter. After her father, her brother would undoubtedly be her best friend, confidant, comfort and also a huge pain in the ass.

This piece of poetry features a brother and his evident love for his sister who is about to go hold another man’s hands leaving his. The agony in his heart, comes out through his eyes and we at Mystic Studios couldn’t let go of warm instances like these.

Picking up from where he left, even after witnessing his sister tie her knot, he manages to pull off his responsibilities as one really should. The song that we mapped and it lyrics fits like a glove and certainly “Ivanin anbai alandhida endha mozhiyum podhadhu. Ivan annan paadhi thandhai meedhi aananey”!

Every moment was solid and while the wedding brigade beamed with happiness for the ‘just married’, this brother, watches melancholically how his sister fades away at the corner of his eyes, waking down the aisle with the man of her dreams. Dedicating this emotional curation to every single brother out there.