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Family Love | Kongu Wedding Celebration | Poetry by Mystic Studios

Jeevan means life. Weddings that hold so much life never fail to be part of our poetries. While one part of the world witnesses traditions and customs fade away, weddings such as the one here remind us of our rich and varied heritage.

Adding so much vigorousity to every little detail, this family made every moment cherishable. Pure bliss and certainly what one would say and feel “how a wedding should be like” is what we took back from this effervescent wedding.

Also, delineating this soulful number from ARR’s albums, “Ananthame ananthame” precisely explains how this wedding was for us at Mystic Studios and the wedding brigade as well. Like the lyrics predominantly mentions “Chinna china anbil dhane jeevan innum irukku”, this vivacious wedding sure did keep up the jeevan ALIVE!