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Nee Partha Paarvaikkoru nandri | Poetry by Mystic Studios

A woman in love. A man who is able to reciprocate that love. Isn’t that the ideal find for true love? A wedding is not just a union of two people but also a fusion of their most intimate feelings and emotions. For a woman to put her trust in a man and choose her as her forever requires tremendous amount of guts and we are forever all in for it.

The term “paarvai” lingered in our minds every time the bride took a peep at the future that lies ahead of her. That look of pride, compassion and reliance was too loud for us to ignore.

There was a nudge that felt like “Nee paartha paarvaikoru nandri” is all the couple wanted to exchange to each other at that brief moment and Mystic Studios took to making it happen. Also, we must admit that we absolutely loved being the flag bearers of this wondrous occasion!