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Arun Niyotha Wedding | Film by Mystic Studios

For the fun loving couple Arun & Niyotha, this wedding was just the beginning to all things they’ve dreamt of. A couple that doesn’t believe in love at first sight, to fall into one brings in its fantastic irony.
As Arun quotes, “Right from Niyotha’s name, everything is unique about her. We haven’t said ‘I love you’ to each other but we believe that it’s understood even without saying. They say it takes a lifetime to figure out a woman and I still think that I am en-route figuring her out”!
To the most impatient guy, finding true love and doing anything for his better-half is what astounds the couple and their menages alike greatly.
The humble temple wedding saw the joyous traditions of rice-throwing so vividly while Arun let Niyotha win. Here’s to many more encounters where they let each other win while graciously winning at life as well!