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Resplendent Wedding Videography of Monika & Faraaz to behold

Monika and Faraaz are the ideal couple that re-ignited the love and made us believe that there is a way around destiny. Being in love with Faraaz since she was 14 years old, Monika exclaims that they’ve grown into human beings that cannot live without each other.
It just took a brief moment for the couple to realize that they’re in-separable and would give up anything just to be with each other.
Amidst the hustle and bustle of Madurai city, these two love birds along with their families agreed upon the “I do”. This destination wedding was a gala event and we absolutely burnt the night’s oil to dance through the floor. Check the pictures from their wedding here.
Monika is every married woman’s goal while she beams with pride while saying that she is so proud to call herself the wife of Faraaz. “He is my first crush and my last love. The end and the beginning and everything in between. We are no longer ‘me’ and ‘I’ rather ‘we’ and ‘us’” she declares, while they both kiss goodbyes to their single-hoods and enter the beautiful world called happily ever-afters.