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Captivating Tamil Brahmin Wedding Photography Of Pooja Nilesh

A tasteful TamBrahm Chennai wedding photography of our “made for each other” couple Pooja and Nilesh is sure to give us all the wedding jitters. Right from the very beginning, throughout the wedding ceremony, the happy couple seemed more like best friends celebrating their moment of truth alongside family and friends rather than monotonously looking like two people getting married.

As one of the friends of the bride and groom says “This wedding is not just about Pooja and Nilesh but about the two beautiful families who show so much love for each other”. This wedding is a life-size celebration interspersed with beautiful rituals. When Pooja cried incessantly on becoming the missus, we just couldn’t get away without dropping a tear or two.

Despite the fun-loving kith and kin, various celebrities like Director Shankar, Music Director G.V Prakash, Actor/ Director Bhagyaraj, also graced their blessings for the newly-weds.